A GROUP of high school students have taken part in a course to learn more about Africa.

The cohort of seven Year 9 pupils at The Oxford Academy in Littlemore have even learnt basic conversational Swahili.

Delivering the African Studies course at the school has been Mark Samuels.

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He said: “As well as the word beautiful, we explored the people called Swahili and researched the medieval Swahili culture.

“If I have been the happy guide on these tours, then we give thanks to the travel agency director, Nora Ward.

“She is the first headteacher at The Oxford Academy to host a course in African Studies.

“For this, she’s known as the trailblazer.

“Whether crossing the Indian Ocean, or traversing the American continent – from north to south – I’ve enjoyed travelling with this group of Year 9 students.”

Students took part in the course every Tuesday at the school, and were awarded The Oxford Academy Diploma in African Studies.

They took part in workshops, researched different people and ideas, and created pieces of art inspired by what they learnt about.