PEOPLE with disabilities are being disproportionality affected by Low Traffic Neighbourhoods, some have claimed.

Low Traffic Neighbourhoods - often referred to as LTNs - were introduced to several parts of Oxford, including Church Cowley, Temple Cowley and Florence Park earlier this year as part of a six-month trial.

The scheme hopes to reduce the use of rat-runs and reduce traffic pollution in the areas, yet some residents with disabilities have claimed the scheme ‘punishes the disabled, elderly and vulnerable’.

One local from Cowley who suffers with a form of inflammatory arthritis, fibromyalgia and a degenerative disc disease said ‘every single journey’ she needs to undertake ‘is impeded by an LTN barrier’.

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The resident, who asked to remain anonymous, said: “My illnesses mean I have chronic pain, and I suffer with fatigue.

“My mobility is impaired - I am unable to walk very far.

“I have an adapted mobility vehicle to help me to get out and to remain independent.”

The woman relies on her car to take her children to primary school and visit elderly relatives who live in Littlemore and Florence Park, and claims journeys that used to take 20 minute can take up to an hour.

She added: “I understand they have to put these schemes in, and I want to help the climate, but the way they have gone about it is not always practical.

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“It is not favourable for disabled people, the vulnerable or the elderly - or anybody who needs care - and it has caused a lot of unnecessary stress, from a disabled person's point of view.”

Others claimed they were not consulted properly prior to the implementation of the scheme, and that it did not consider those who need to rely on a car.

One resident, from Herschel Crescent, who struggles to walk more than 30 meters and needs to use the toilet every 45 minutes, said the longer journey times, he believes are caused by the LTNs, are having a severe impact on his mental wellbeing.

He said what used to be a five-minute journey to the Cowley Centre, for essential trips, now takes him over 45 minutes because of delays on Newman Road.

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The resident, who also wanted to remain anonymous, added: “Getting out of Newman Road has become a nightmare and I felt as though I wasn’t properly consulted before the scheme was implemented.”

A spokesperson for Oxfordshire County Council said: “Our officers routinely consider the impacts of our traffic schemes on older and disabled people.

“As part of this, an Equality and Climate Impact Assessment was made prior to the cabinet member decision to proceed with the LTN for Cowley.

“Consideration of disabilities is also an integral part of plans in the consultation coming shortly on the east Oxford LTNs to be consulted on in early June.”

The council added delays in the city in the last few weeks have been caused by roadworks - not LTNs.

Residents are encouraged to fill out the consultation scheme by visiting: