COLLEGE students have expressed a desire to carry on with virtual learning after the pandemic.

More than 500 Oxford Business College students were surveyed, revealing a preference for virtual or blended learning (a mixture of virtual and classroom learning).

Results from the survey showed 83 per cent preferred virtual or blended options.

The remaining 17 per cent would like to see a classroom return.

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When asked to choose between three types of blended learning, the preference was for a mainly online mix.

Sarwar Khawaja, chairman of business development at the college, said: “As part of the growing private business college sector, we treat our students as customers and we want to involve the student voice in designing their future learning.

“This survey shows that we must move beyond the binary choice of virtual or classroom and explore how we can teach students in new and exciting blended ways.

“It is also clear that digital learning can help us address issues of widening participation, inclusivity and diversity in higher education by ensuring that digital access is available to all.”