A WOMAN who was abandoned on the luggage rack of a train in 1946 is set to feature on an ITV documentary where she goes to Didcot Railway Centre for answers.

At just six weeks old, Marguerite Huggett, now 74, was left on a luggage rack of a train travelling from Worcester to London Paddington.

She has never known her birthday or where she came from.

After she was found as a baby, she spend two years in an orphanage before being adopted.

Ms Huggett will be on ITV’s Long Lost Family: Born Without Trace tonight where Davina McCall will help her find out more about her identity.

In search of answers Ms Huggett went to the Great Western Trust’s Didcot Railway Centre where researchers found vital information in a 1940s Paddington Station logbook.

Railway centre museum volunteer Frank Dumbleton has worked for the centre for about 60 years.

When Mr Dumbleton was contacted by the production company for the ITV documentary about the unusual story, he was sent with the mission of finding more details about the train, what time and where it would have called on its journey.

At first, he did not think he would find much extra information, but after remembering the museum had documents and notebooks from Paddington Station which he collected in the 1970s, he was able to present Ms Huggett with new information and a press cutting.

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Mr Dumbleton said that when Ms Huggett was presented with the press cutting which shows her at six months in a pink frock, woollen leggings, and a little bonnet, she said the baby seemed to be ‘overdressed for a summers day’.

However, the findings still left a mystery as the newspaper cutting did not lead to MS Huggett finding out where her mother came from or why she was left.

The train would have stopped in Oxford and Reading before arriving in London Paddington, but the archive documents did not reveal where Ms Huggett got on the train.

Oxford Mail:

In the logbook it stated that Ms Huggett was found at 3.35pm in the luggage rack on a train which has travelled from Worcester to London Paddington on platform nine.

The card reads: “Message received from Station Masters Office. Fetched by Paddington Green Police. Baby changed and bottle fed.”

Mr Dumbleton said: “It was quite satisfying to have found something and show that the archive we have is quite a useful one.”

In a story published by the Mirror Ms Huggett explained that the newspaper cutting was the only baby photo of herself that she had seen.

She said: “I’ve not seen that newspaper cutting before.

“This is the only baby photo of me I have ever seen.

“It shows care on the part of whoever dressed me and possibly left me.”

Three-part series Long Lost Family: Born Without Trace with Davina McCall can be caught on ITV tonight and Wednesday at 9pm.