AN EX-POSTAL worker from Oxfordshire, who was jailed for a year after being caught sifting through sacks of mail, is now reliving a 'nightmare' from 13 years ago as bundles of 'lost' post from as far back as 2008 were discovered at the home of a former Royal Mail employee.

Stuart Crayford and his wife Sarah have received stream of abuse from people in Wantage and Grove for weeks after they started getting post, which they were supposed to receive more than a decade ago.

According to Mr Crayford, residents remembered the theft and decided to pin this round of 'lost' mail on him as well.

In August 2008, he admitted to stealing between £400 to £500 from greetings cards and was found guilty of a serious breach of trust by Didcot Magistrates' Court.

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He then had to spent 12 months behind bars.

While Royal Mail already confirmed that the lost post was discovered at the home of a former employee, who recently passed away, it did not reveal their identity.

In a statement shared on Monday, a spokesperson for the service said: "The safety and security of the mail is of the utmost importance to Royal Mail.

"Every item of mail is important to us.

"The vast majority of our staff are dedicated to delivering the UK's mail safely and efficiently.

"They have played a crucial role in keeping the UK connected during the pandemic.

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"In this isolated incident, a number of mail items were found at the home of a former employee following their death.

"The mail is now being delivered to customers as quickly as possible with a covering note and a number to call if they require further information."

They also confirmed that an ongoing investigation is looking into what happened.

However, Mr and Ms Crayford argued that Royal Mail's 'inaction' has brought rounds of social media abuse onto the family, whose children are now teenagers – not toddlers as it was in 2008.

The former postman said that the attitude of many people in Wantage and Grove, who remember his offence, is upsetting his elderly parents too.

Even more, he believes he was dealt a much harsher sentence than he deserved.

Mr Crayford added: "I just want the record set straight and for me to clear my name.

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"I think at the time I took the blame for all the post that was missing, not just for what I did.

"I have always believed that if you have done something bad and you have been caught, then you have to own up to it.

"But now we are reliving the whole nightmare again as people are posting my picture and the news story about my sentence.

"It is almost like a scar, which has healed nicely, has been opened again and salt is being rubbed in it."

Mr Crayford and his wife have now raised a complaint with the service.

Royal Mail has been contacted for a comment on the allegations made by the former employee.