In a thoroughly modern twist on Shakespeare’s timeless tale of star-crossed lovers, audiences will be able to rewrite the story of Romeo & Juliet in an interactive new show by Oxford’s Creation Theatre company.

Instead of just sitting back and enjoying the play, audience members will find themselves at the very heart of the action on a virtual journey to Verona where they will be expected to back one of the two feuding families – Montague or Capulet.

Mixing live real-time performance, pre-filmed scenes and ‘choose your own adventure’-style gameplay, the show promises to be unlike any production of the romantic tragedy previously staged.

Creation Theatre’s Tamsin Purchase said: “Fate and destiny skills will be put to the test upon entering Verona. Audiences will find themselves at the Capulet party, caught up in the drama they will journey through a multitude of different theatrical pathways and unlock secret moments and experiences. With at least one hundred possible variations, individuals will decide outcomes and see a unique and enthralling show influenced by their choices.”

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Creation Theatre made its name by bringing world-class theatre to unusual Oxford settings, including the Cowley BMW plant, Oxford University Mathematical Institute, Bodleian Library and the Westgate shopping centre.

Romeo & Juliet is Creation Theatre’s ninth online production but this is the most technically advanced and interactive yet.

Director Natasha Rickman says: “The prologue tells us that Romeo and Juliet are destined to meet, fall in love and die. There are lots of moments of decision in the play. I wanted to hand the choices over to the audience to play with the idea of freewill versus destiny, and to offer some alternative timelines to such a well known play.”

Creation Theatres Romeo and Juliet

Creation Theatre's Romeo and Juliet

She added: Digital theatre is now its own art form. The multiverse format is so freeing and the fact that our actors can perform multiple versions of scenes which can be viewed simultaneously by people all over the world is hugely exciting. Plus, for this special production we have amassed a hugely talented cast, which includes some of the UK’s leading Shakespearean actors.”

Lucy Askew, Creation Theatre’s Chief Executive, explained the process for audience members joining the action, saying: “On arrival at the digital theatre, a virtual host will greet guests in the waiting room, where they can chat to Fate and have their fortune told! Audiences will travel through Verona as a Montague or a Capulet – their choice.

“They will choose different pathways; stumble upon meetings and receive interactions with characters through a variety of channels. Then it’s on to the Capulet party where some may stop for a dance.

“Next a series of audience choices which determine the outcome in this innovative mix of live performance and filmed scenes which combine to create a unique and enthralling experience.”

The show runs from Wednesday to Sunday. Book at or call 01865 766266. Tickets are £20 per device.