A £1,100 CASH reward is being offered to anyone who can find a missing gnome that was dressed in police uniform.

Earlier this month colourful gnomes, created by the anonymous artist Athirty4’s, were placed around Oxford to address the issue of ‘disappearing front gardens’ that have been paved over ‘at an alarming rate’.

The gnomes were also placed on top of the Low Traffic Neighbourhood [LTN] barriers, as the artist believes LTNs also help to combat paved gardens.

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One of the gnomes, known to locals as PC Plod, however, has now gone missing after being stolen from its place on one of the barriers on Salegate Lane in Cowley.

Signs and posters have appeared all over the area, asking if residents have seen the tiny figure.

Shortly after it disappeared, someone from the neighbourhood placed a poster saying 'RIP PC Plod' in its place.

Another poster asked passers-by if they have 'seen PC Plod' after he had been 'abducted'.

The artist said their 'personal feeling is that the gnome has been destroyed'.

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Happy Printing UK has also provided large banners to find the missing gnome, and is offering a £100 reward to whoever can help find it.

A further £1,000 has now been donated by the music producer Scaramanga Silk for anyone who can find PC Plod.

The artist added: "Many people are talking about the reward, and I think if somebody had the missing gnome they would have handed it in by now to collect the reward money.

"Or perhaps the person who has it is afraid to hand it in.

"An elderly lady contacted me saying that she'd found PC Plod in a plastic bag, by in bin in a local park.

"However, it wasn't the same police gnome that features in the posters and banners."

Anyone who finds the gnome has been asked to email athirty4@yahoo.com or message @Athirty4 on social media.