Dance teachers who have worked on the sets of BBC's show The Greatest Dancer and Netflix's Bridgerton drama gathered in Oxfordshire over the weekend for a special seminar with a Nigerian youngster, who captivated the world with his ballet last summer.

Anthony Mmesoma Madu arrived in Wantage last week with his mother Ifeoma Madu at the invitation of the American Dance School (ADS).

The 11-year-old, who lives in Lagos with his parents and sister and brother, went viral in August after a video of him doing pirouettes on the streets of the city.

Since then, the internet star has received multiple scholarship offers from schools around the world and also won the South African International Ballet Competition's grand prize in a virtual event.

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During a two-day event in the ADS' premises in King Alfred's Academy, Anthony impressed teachers with his skill and passion for the art.

Jillian Clipsham, director at the school, praised the youngster and predicted a bright future in professional ballet for him.

She said: "Anthony is such an inspiring little boy.

Ballet dancer Anthony Mmesoma Madu, who became an internet sensation last year, during a seminar at American Dance School in Wantage

Ballet dancer Anthony Mmesoma Madu, who became an internet sensation last year, during a seminar at American Dance School in Wantage

"I was overwhelmed when I saw him dance – I already knew he can dance after seeing the video, but I did not know how good.

"He can 100 per cent go professional – you can tell if a dancer will go professional not by how good they are, but by how passionate.

"You can train someone and it does not matter how good they are, but if they are hungry for it, then they will learn.

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"He can go all the day and I want to give him as many opportunities as possible."

Anthony already had one class over Zoom with the dance school, but the director invited him to Wantage for in-person classes.

Teachers who took part in the event included Ainsley Ricketts from The Greatest Dancer, actor Martina Gumbs from Rocketman and the Broadway show After Midnight, and Danny Fogarty from Bridgerton and the musical Cats.

They danced from 10am until 4.30pm on both Saturday and Sunday.

Ms Clipsham added: "Anthony and his mum are staying at my house, which is really lovely.

"From what he said, he seems to love Oxfordshire.

"Everyone was really kind and welcoming to him over the weekend, so he was a happy boy.

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"His English is not as strong but he got on so well with everyone at the school because we all spoke the same language – the one of dance.

"In the future, I hope to arrange some sort of a sponsorship for Anthony to get him over for the summer, so that he can continue to train."

But Ms Clipsham is not the only one impressed with the dancer's abilities.

Oscar award-winning actress Viola Davis said last year that Anthony's dancing reminds her of the beauty of her people.

Hollywood actor Cynthia Erivo also shared her support for the boy at the time.

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