A heated discussion was sparked on Facebook after a Witney resident spotted a condom that someone had stuck over a tree branch.

An anonymous mum posted on Spotted Witney Official : “The item that I cannot bring myself to name is still on the tree at the leys. I have had to take my children on a different route to school so it's high time the council remove this.

“I do not understand today's youth, in my day we were taught to lie back and think of England - nothing like this.”

The post was met with some sympathy – and quite a lot of amusement - with one exasperated resident commenting: “200 plus comments about a condom on tree branch.”

A spokesperson for Witney Town Council said no one  had notified them about the condom and nothing had been reported on their Facebook page.

She added: “The most effective way to get an issue on our land sorted is to email info@witney-tc.gov.uk or call us on 01993 704379 so that we are informed directly about it and can direct the enquiry to the correct team.

“I have reported this to the team and someone has now removed it.”

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