There's plenty of reasons to move to Oxfordshire - from historic towns and picturesque villages, to rolling countryside, museums, galleries and pubs.

Here's what you have to do when you get here.

  1. Visit Crotch Crescent

Crotch Crescent was once voted among the UK's funniest place names by comedian Chris Ramsey. Ranked 10th, the street in Marston was named one of the funniest street names along with Bell End, near Lickey End in Worcestershire, and Brown Willy in Cornwall. Picture: Mark Hemsworth.

Oxford Mail:

  1. Take a selfie with the Headington Shark

Proper name Untitled 1986, this sculpture sticking out of the roof of a terraced house at 2 New High Street, Headington, was commissioned by Radio Oxford presenter and former Oxford Mail writer Bill Heine as a statement about CND, nuclear power, Chernobyl and Nagasaki. Picture: Glen Harfield.

Oxford Mail:

3. Get caught up in the hysteria of bargain spotting at Bicester Village

Although with brands like Celine, Prada and Chloe to choose from, it can be an expensive mistake to make.

4. Watch a Harry Potter movie to spot the locations

At a quick glance, Harry Potter was filmed at Christ Church College – Bodley Staircase; Christ Church College Hall; Christ Church college cloisters; Bodleian Library – Divinity School; Bodleian Library – Duke Humfrey’s Library; New College – cloisters; New College – courtyard and tree.

5. Get the pronunications wrong

Bicester: Wrong: Bi-ses-ter Right: Bis-ter. Magdalen College (Oxford/Cambridge): Wrong: Mag-de-lain Right: Maud-lin. Thame TAYM. Cherwell CHAR-wel (or is it?)

6. Write a book

Apparently Oxford has more published writers per square mile than anywhere else in the world. Oxford author Sir Philip Pullman, below.

Oxford Mail:

7. Play Aunt Sally

Played only in Oxfordshire, this is a pub game that involves throwing sticks at a block of wood or "doll". Taken very seriously in some parts.

8. Get up at 5am

May morning in Oxford is famous for the thousands who gather at 6am to hear a Latin hymn sung from the top of Magdalen College tower.

9. Get a bike

According to Oxford City Council, in 2011 17 per cent of working residents usually cycled to work, the second-highest rate of any local authority in the country. Only Cambridge was higher. And with a large student population, bicycles are everywhere. Bikes pictured at Oxford Station by Brian Welch.

Oxford Mail:

10. Fall in the river

Punting has been described as being both very easy to master and not as easy as it looks.There is a good chance that your pole will get stuck in the mud and you will fall in the river if you hold on and try to pull it out, so your best option is to simply let go and then paddle back to retrieve the pole. There should be a paddle in your punt specifically for this purpose.