A WOMAN from Oxford has shared her gruesome injury after being bitten by a notorious bloodsucking fly.

Charlotte Beerman, who lives in Kidlington, said she was bitten by the monstrous Blandford Fly, which is known to give a particularly nasty and painful bite.

The mother-of-three published photos of her pus-filled bite on social media on Friday and warned people of the danger.

In a much-discussed post on Facebook, Ms Beerman revealed she is 'in agony' after the bite and added: "It is that time of year again when those vile blandford flies are about.

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"They go for ankles and legs as they are low down.

"Please be careful and cover your legs while gardening."

Last year, swarms of the Blandford flies invaded Oxfordshire during the summer.

Oxford Mail:

Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust reported that its Minor Injury Units saw a significant increase in patients with bites from the nasty insects.

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The black fly, 2 to 3mm in size, gives a particularly painful bite, which can lead to swelling, blistering, joint pain and sometimes a high temperature.

Ms Beerman said she does not have fever but cannot move her ankle.

She added: "They are absolutely tiny and easy to miss but the bites are extremely painful.

"It takes a while from initial bite to when you actually notice it but mine is getting worse."