LIBERAL Democrat councillors in Oxfordshire County Council have voted a new party leader.

Liz Leffman, councillor for Charlbury and Wychwood, was elected as the new party leader at a meeting between members this morning. 

She succeeds councillor Richard Webber, who has decided to step down after eight years in the role.

Ms Leffman is also tapped to become a leader of Oxfordshire County Council following reports that the Lib Dems and Greens are already on the verge of forming a joint group.

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This would make them the largest political grouping on the council with 24 seats, made up of the 21 Lib Dems and three Greens.

The councillor commented on her appointment: "I am delighted to be taking up this important role at a vital moment of change and renewal for our county.

"I look forward to leading our talented and committed group of councillors in delivering our vision for Oxfordshire, and to working closely alongside all those who share our priorities and determination to succeed and do better. 

"Above all, we have been elected to deliver for all the residents of Oxfordshire, and that is what we will do."