A MAN who works in a mental health facility has released a hip-hop track to help raise awareness of wellbeing.

Harry Trueman, a father of four, who lives in Headington, Oxford, with his fiancé, has been recording music since 2006, but recently decided to use his talents to write a song that would help raise awareness of the importance of mental health.

Mr Trueman, or ‘Mr Haz’ as he is known in the music world, works on a forensic mental health ward in Oxford and was recently diagnosed with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) himself.

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Through his new song, ‘Walk in my Shoes’, he hopes to encourage other people to come forward with any issues they are suffering from mentally.

He said: “I have always used music as an outlet, however in the last year I have really tried to express my experiences and thoughts in more detail through my music.

“I have always felt that something going on in my head is different, however, I was diagnosed with OCD by the mental health team in Oxfordshire a few months ago.

“I have now written and recorded a hip-hop song about my own struggles, where I go into detail about some of my intrusive thoughts and compulsions.”

The 29-year-old Headington hip-hop star recently amassed a large following on Instagram, where people from all over the world have come to find out more about his music.

His main aim through the new track is to address the stigma around mental health, particularly in men, as although Mr Haz feels that discussions around mental wellbeing have improved, there is still a long way to go.

Throughout his song, the hip-hop artist draws on his own struggles with mental health as well as discussing his experiences of working with others suffering from mental illness.

He said: “For a long time, I have felt anxious or agitated because I wouldn’t want to talk about my mental health because I felt it would challenge my masculinity, or people would see me as weak or even ugly in some way, however, I’ve now realised it’s not like that at all.

“When I look at someone else who feels as though they cannot speak, I am thinking you can speak, I can help you.

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“I hope people find it within themselves to speak and get the help they need, whether it is through friends, family, or professional help.”

The music artist, who is now receiving mental health support from Talking Space, says that talking about mental health struggles makes people ‘strong’.

He added: “A problem shared really is a problem halved.

“We all go through hardships in one way or another and no one is perfect.

"By talking about your own mental health struggles you are being strong and I urge anyone who is bottling up things mentally, please speak to someone."

You can listen to Mr Haz’s ‘Walk in my Shoes’ on Spotify, iTunes or Amazon music. You can also view his upcoming music video by following his Instagram @mrhazartist