Homeowners have been left with a smashed window after a ‘mystery man’ mowed the grass verges outside their house.

Dudley and Judy Honickberg live in Didcot and recently while someone was mowing the grass verges outside their house a stone flung off the mower and smashed the window at the front of their house.

Mr Honickberg decided to contact Didcot Town Council thinking there would be a ‘simple solution’ to this incident and hoped he could claim on the insurance to replace the glass in his window.

Didcot Town Council is responsible for subcontracting people to mow the grass verges in the town; however, the council was unable to confirm who mowed the grass that day.

In an email sent to Mr Honickberg from Didcot Town Council’s outdoors services manager, Robert Harris it states that the town council cannot be held responsible without evidence.

Mr Harris wrote in the email: “I don’t dispute that the verges were cut and probably by our verge company but there is evidence which I have seen from there tracker devices giving the dates on when the area was cut, and the dates do not tally and are in fact way out of when you are claiming the damage was done.”

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He added: “I have exhausted all search methods to find out whom carried these works out as I said on the phone the area has so many companies working for so many organizations it is going to be a hard task finding out more information and of course it could have just been a random private person or company in the wrong place at the wrong time unless you can provide me further information I’m sorry I can’t do much else for you. “

Left bewildered, frustrated and with a smashed window Mr Honickberg had no choice but to claim the damage on his own insurance.

Mr Honickberg said: “I am very frustrated because I could not get any sense out of them in the end. I just thought it was amazing that they did not know who was mowing the verges.”

Didcot Town Council have been contacted about this incident but have not replied.

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