Anne Taylor was among a group of protesters who sat in Oxford's roads. Here she explains why she did it...

We cannot wait for change. We don’t have time.

As the ‘elderly woman who sat in the middle of Beaumont Street’ may I just explain, because I think you might have missed the point.

We were not there to be liked. Or even to win people over. We were there to tell the truth. However uncomfortable, inconvenient or difficult it may be for people to hear. We were there to be noticed and catch people’s attention.

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We were there to start the crucial conversations, to get people talking and thinking. We were there to raise awareness of just how terrifyingly urgent the climate crisis is.

There were many conversations on Beaumont Street on May 1, the majority supportive and appreciative. And conversations have started here in your paper, mostly negative. Discussion is good. So that’s great. We achieved what we set out to do.

We sincerely apologise for any disruption to shoppers, pedestrians, drivers.

The decision to disrupt Oxford on a Saturday morning was not taken lightly.

But two hours of disruption is nothing compared to the disruption that is already well under way in many parts of the global south and will only get worse and come to all of us as the climate crisis deepens and intensifies: failed crops, food shortages, climate refugees, societal collapse and mass loss of life.

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The government is failing to meet its climate targets. So yes, I am terrified for the future of my grandchildren. And for the future of all young people.  And for the future of the planet. I will continue to take action as I can no longer trust the government to do so. History has shown that non violent direct action does get results.

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