Gory photos show a horse's injury after it cut open its hoof on broken glass on Port Meadow over the weekend.

A cow also suffered an intestinal blockage believed to be caused by eating litter.

Oxford Mail:

This comes after an anti-littering campaign Don’t Feed The Animals launched by Oxford City Council to highlight the danger of litter for pets, livestock and wildlife.

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As the weather warms up and restrictions on outdoor gatherings ease, the council anticipates a bigger problem with rubbish in the city’s parks and green spaces.

They are urging everyone to do their bit to keep places safe and clean.

Oxford Mail:

Julian Cooper, ODS Port Meadow ranger, commented on the potential life-threatening injuries: "It is heartbreaking when we see animals suffering because of people’s carelessness.

"ODS has regular litter collections, but it only takes a moment for an animal to eat litter or step on glass or metal left behind.

"Ultimately it is up to all of us to clean up after ourselves so we do not see any more harm.

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"In the warm weather last summer we were collecting three tons of rubbish a day at Port Meadow – our teams cannot keep up with that rate of littering.

"Everyone knows they shouldn’t drop litter.

"However tempting it is to rush on to the next thing, just think about the harm you might cause by leaving rubbish behind.

"Bag it, bin it or take it home."