A mother has put out a heart-rending appeal for funds to pay for surgery for her 25-year-old son who is confined to a wheelchair following a climbing accident.

David Mitran was rock climbing with friends in Marseille, France, in the summer of 2020 when he fell.

Camelia Mitran wrote: “He was travelling with his friends and doing what he loves the most… rock climbing.

“Last thing he remembers is that he fell off the rock he was standing and 15 metres below the stony ground was waiting for him to fall.

“You know how it is… one can never imagine it's going to be him.”

Immediately after the accident Mr Mitran was given life-saving heart surgery by French doctors.

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He has since undergone several operations and has spent months in hospital.

Mrs Mitran wrote: “But here he is, living, when no one else thought he could. When no one was giving him a chance.”

She adds: “I am here in front of you asking for your help. Because everything else got fixed, except his lower body.

“Months later he still cannot feel his legs and his whole life is tied to the wheelchair. And even though he promised himself to do anything to get back to the life he used to have before this accident happened, we don’t have the amount of money that his recovery requests.”

Gabriela Ilie, a friend of Mrs Mitran's, who is Romanian but now lives in Kidlington, explained: “Currently David is recovering in a hospital in Romania but he needs urgent a surgery with stem cells abroad.

"They are in advanced discussions with a few hospitals from Thailand, Germany, and Vienna.

“He needs financial support for his everyday recovery exercises, which cost £200 a day, and for surgery.

“This surgery is the only option for David to walk again.”

Mrs Mitran herself is suffering from advanced cancer.

Mrs Ilie said: “The impact, both health and emotional, is very high as you can imagine. David is not able to walk any more and Camelia needs to offer him full care every second - not to mention the emotional aspect of a mother seeing her son in this situation when herself is in a very poor wellbeing herself.”

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Mrs Mitran writes on the Go Fund Me web appeal: “And truth to be told, I am aware that the amount of time that he has to spend to get his lower body back, not to mention the amount of financial resources he needs to just keep going with the rehabilitation programme.”

She adds: “I don't want this handicap to get the best of him, no matter how stressful it can be. And I want him to keep fighting because giving up was never an option for him and I choose to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

“I don’t want him to subscribe to the wheelchair life that was portrayed to him through the hospital months ago and I really need your help to succeed.

"The hope is all I have at the moment and any help would be so much appreciated.”

You can donate to the fundraiser here.