AS candidates gathered to hear the results of Oxford's electoral contest, another competition was playing out in the halls of power.

The amount of shoe leather used by candidates as they wandered the city's streets stacked up quickly over a short period of time this year.

Election canvassing was only allowed from mid-March as Covid restrictions eased, meaning all political parties and independents had to make short work of campaigning work that would usually take place over a year.

Mark Lygo, Oxford's Lord Mayor, now re-elected as a Labour councillor for Churchill Ward, said he had walked 27 miles on polling day in a last-minute blitz for votes.

His Labour colleague Mary Clarkson said walking three miles each day at least had become a regular occurrence over the course of the campaign.

Meanwhile, Lib Dem group leader Andrew Gant showed this paper the large holes left in his leather shoes from the long miles walking on the campaign trail.

Campaigning and the long miles walked could resume again shortly, with the city council due to hold elections for half its members again next year.