AN ECO-CONSCIOUS pair have launched a brand-new business selling plant-based products across the whole of the UK.

James Russell, 25, and Robert McCarthy, 22, who grew up in Didcot, decided in December 2020 that they wanted to launch a business that focused on providing sustainable lifestyle products, and plant-based foods in gift boxes.

The Plant Planet Box is an eco-friendly vegan subscription box that focuses on offering samples of new vegan snacks and alternative lifestyle products, such as bamboo toothbrushes, that are better for the planet.

Mr McCarthy, who is vegan himself, said: “The aim is to provide eco-friendly boxes, that incorporate an eco-friendly life.

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“We want to get people using sustainable products, which can sometimes be difficult to find.”

The pair launched their first subscription box this April, which was full of vegan foods and drinks.

This month’s box contains items such as a plant-based deodorant, vegan gummy sweets, and a vegan tagine kit.

Mr Russell said: “The three words we want to focus on are plant-based, eco-friendly and vegan – sometimes it can be difficult to incorporate all three at once, but we always make sure we hit the vegan and plant-based initiative.”

Since launching their Instagram and Facebook page, the number of customers subscribing to the Didcot local’s boxes grew quickly, and with each month they have gained on average 25 annual subscribers.

Each box contains six to eight items and costs £13.99 a month.

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Customers can cancel, skip, or pause their subscriptions at any time.

Mr McCarthy added: “We have a big community on Instagram, so we quickly find out which products are trending.

“The feedback so far has been amazing, and now there is a big community behind us.”

The company also offers one-time boxes that can be used as gifts.

The entrepreneurs, who previously worked together at One Delivery Didcot, hope their new initiative keeps them ‘motivated’ and encourages others to choose a more sustainable life.

Mr McCarthy said: “We wanted to do something good, and something that we are passionate about – as a vegan I get excited by new products and always want to try them, so that’s where the business idea came from.”

The Plant Planet Box already has over 1,400 subscribers on its Instagram page where it regularly shares what products are likely be available in the box.

Mr Russell added: “For me, although I am not completely plant-based, I want to push a more eco-conscience vibe, and make the world more eco-friendly.”

You can sign up to order your own Plant Planet box by visiting