A CONTAINER ship filled with essential items is now full after a group of locals joined together to provide aid for victims of a volcanic eruption.

St Vincent, an island in the Caribbean, awoke to a volcanic eruption after La Soufriere erupted for the first time in more than 40 years last month.

Oxfordshire residents, some of whom have family on the Caribbean island, decided to pull together and provide aid packages for the small island across the Atlantic.

While no one has died, crops have been destroyed, clean water supplies are scarce and thousands have been unable to return to their homes.

The group of 35 volunteers started gathering supplies, such as personal protective equipment [PPE], water, and tinned food, for the people on the island.

Donations were also collected from Tesco on the Banbury Road in Summertown and the Tesco on Magdalen Street in the city centre.

The High Commissioner, Cenio Lewis, contacted the East Caribbean shipping line called the Geest Line, to secure several 40-foot container ships that could be filled with supplies and sent to the island.

Hollis Davy, a volunteer from Abingdon, who helped organise the container ship, said: "Tesco's were very helpful from a local standpoint.

"Even local dentists donated toothbrushes and toothpaste.

"A lot of help was given far and wide, not forgetting Tor Multimix construction company who were indeed extremely helpful.

"I must say a massive thank you to everyone, not forgetting even those who may have only put in one can of beans - we thank you."

Mr Davy also thanked those at the BMW factory as well as Rudolph and Hellman automative who helped provide many essential items.