This was the scene at Iffley village school on May 12, 1937, the day King George VI was crowned at Westminster Abbey.

Children cheered the new monarch under the walnut tree in the school playground.

The picture comes from Trevor Young, of Garsington, who is seen on the right with his brothers, Ken and Morris.

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Ken is in the white hat in the arms of his mother Doris, then comes Trevor being held by Auntie Grace Wilkins, and finally Morris, with neighbour Audrey Sawyer. Morris was aged four, Trevor two and Ken one. Trevor, who recalls playing rounders in the playground - “we hit the ball towards the walnut tree as an excuse to gather nuts” - asks: “How many of your readers recognise themselves or their relatives?”

The Oxford Mail, then a broadsheet, devoted the whole of its front page that day to the Coronation. The first edition, printed at midday, was headlined: ‘King and Queen cheered all the way to the Abbey’ and ‘Sun shines on the cavalcade’.

Special trains ran from Oxford to Paddington through the night so that people could join the celebrations. The Oxford Mail reported: “One train due at 4.05am was nearly 25 minutes late due to fog.

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“Shop girls who had got the day off dashed off the train in great excitement, hardly waiting for it to come to a standstill. ’We shall be late’, they trilled in chorus and scampered off down the platform.” One of them, Eileen Jenkins, said: “I am too thrilled for words. I went to bed early last night, but could not sleep.”

Later editions of the Mail summed up the day with the headline: ‘The King Crowned’.