IT was polling day across Oxfordshire yesterday, with voters asked to cast their ballots in a host of local elections.

Across the county, electors could vote for one of 63 new county councillors.

In Oxford, they could also elect two new city councillors to join the total of 48 in a new council.

In north and western Oxfordshire, half of Cherwell and West Oxfordshire’s district councillors were also up for election.

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The Thames Valley Police and Crime Commissioner was also up for re-election.

Extra precautions were being taken at polling booths, with a one-in one-out policy and one-way system in operation at many to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Hand sanitiser was also on offer, masks were a requirement and voters were asked to bring their own pencils.

But all did not go to plan at one polling station in North Oxford, with a voter reportedly casting his vote in the boot of a car, after the church warden opening the station ‘overslept apparently’.

Toby Porter cast his vote at 7.25am, and the normal polling station was ‘up and running’ by 7.30am.

He said around a dozen people voted in the car before the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies was opened.

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A spokesman for Oxford City Council said: “The keyholder overslept and for a short time at 7am electors were voting using the presiding officers cars.

“This is standard procedure when a station building isn’t open on time and part of the training we give them.”

Voters also carried on the now-embedded tradition of bringing their dogs to polling stations across the county.

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Election results are not due to be announced until the weekend at the earliest.

Oxford City Council will reveal its results on Saturday, May 8.

The other councils, including Oxfordshire County Council will follow with their results on Sunday, May 9.

The PCC election results will be announced next Monday, May 10.

Still haven't voted? Here's a guide to what you need to know today if you're still going to the polls

Some of the marginal seats on Oxfordshire County Council which councillors will be watching with bated breath include: Sutton Courtenay and Marcham, Banbury Hardwick, and Iffley Fields and St Mary’s.

Sutton Courtenay and Marcham is currently held by Liberal Democrat incumbent Richard Webber, who had a 34 vote majority in the 2017 election. It is a target seat for the Conservatives.

Banbury Hardwick, was held by Conservative Tony Ilott with a majority of 55. The Labour Party was the next closest to winning the seat in 2017.

Iffley Fields and St Mary’s, held by Labour’s Damian Haywood, who won it with a majority of 75 in a 2018 by-election. The Green Party was the next most-popular party in that poll.