Staff at Cheney School in Oxford are running a breakfast talk series for students to explore science ideas.

Every Friday morning in May, the school’s Rumble Museum will run the series of talks for Year Seven students

Experts from around the world are delivering a range of virtual talks on different ‘What If?’ questions which involve using science to explore different ideas ranging from pandemics and eating insects to dinosaurs.

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Physics professor Rhett Allain from Southeastern Louisiana University, kicked off the talks by exploring infrared imaging.

Lorna Robinson who runs the Rumble Museum at Cheney School

Lorna Robinson who runs the Rumble Museum at Cheney School

The next talk will answer the question What If There Were No Moon? by Professor Robert Matthews from Aston University, followed by Dr Michael Pittman from the University of Hong Kong on What If the Dinosaurs Had Not Been Destroyed by an Asteroid.

The Rumble Museum is part of the partnership between The Iris Project, a charity, and the school.

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Dr Lorna Robinson runs the Iris Project, a charity which promotes learning about the ancient world.