ACTIVISTS have promised a new wave of attacks on Oxford University and its staff over its nearly-completed animal testing laboratory.

Two firms in Oxfordshire who are said to supply the university have already been attacked this month. And with work almost finished on the lab, a message posted on the ALF website Bite Back threatens renewed attacks.

The university has suffered a wave of arson attacks and vandalism since work began on the £20m animal testing laboratory in South Parks Road in 2004.

The message by the ALF reads: "Oxford Uni - You can't possibly win this. You may have nearly finished the building work but how long do you think you can afford to keep the lab open? We will never stop so get used to being the new HLS (Huntingdon Life Sciences). Let it begin - ALF"

The Daily Telegraph reported that a spokesman for the ALF warned university staff could expect "home visits".

He said: "Our type of home visit involved red paint, braking windows and criminal damage."

Animal rights activists claimed responsibility via the website for attacks on Tony Eldridge Scaffolding, in Cassington, and The Oxford Tiling Co, in Kidlington. Both firms deny they have any contracts with the university.