A relationship therapist has hit back at suggestions Snow White sends the wrong message to children about consent.

Emiliana Silvestri was appearing on Wednesday morning’s instalment of Good Morning Britain alongside dating historian Nichi Hodgson.

The two were discussing the revamped version of a Snow White theme park ride at Disneyland California where a “true love’s kiss” scene is part of the ride.

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This has sparked debate on whether this may give children the wrong idea about consent with Nichi Hodgson saying Disney have a “moral duty” to the young children who watch the films.

She said: "They can be an ethical business if they want to be. They make billions every year from their films. Children watch their films from a very young age, and they are some of the first stories they imbibe.

"The original story does not end with a kiss, Disney invented that kiss. They do have responsibility for changing the original plotline."

However her co-guest Emiliana Silvestri hit back saying it is the parent’s responsibility to teach their children about relationships and consent.

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She said: "I think Disney is a form of entertainment and it's my job as a parent to teach my daughter about consent.

"I don't think Disney, an entertainment forum, should be responsible for teaching children about these issues.

"I think its great we're opening up the conversation about consent, but people blaming Disney - a romantic kiss in the end of a movie, in a fantasy tale isn't the reason teenagers become confused about consent."

Emiliana continued suggesting Hodgson was "seriously underestimating children's intelligence and what children are capable of."

She added: "I work as a therapist, and have worked with people on both sides, victims and those who have been accused of harassment and people who don't understand consent and boundaries aren't doing it because they watched a Disney film when they were younger, it's much more complex than that."

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Her thoughts were echoed by viewers who were keen to share their views on social media.

“Can honestly say I’ve watched Snow White and all the rest of the Disney movies and have never sexually harassed anyone. If you don’t know not to touch people without consent then blame it on your parents, not a cartoon,” said on viewer.

Seriously get a life it’s becoming an absolute joke it’s a fairy tale leave it at that,” added another.

Another viewer said: “Ridiculous. I have no other word for this ‘item’”.

Good morning Britain airs weekdays from 6am on ITV.

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