SIBLINGS bathed in a paddling pool full of baked beans at the weekend in memory of their friend Zac, who died at the age of just two.

Esther Hannaford, eight and brother Robin, four from Wallingford, raised money for Zac’s Fund by being sponsored to sit in a paddling pool of full baked beans on their front lawn. Zac’s Fund was set up in memory of Zac to help raise money to support grieving families after the death of a child.

Mum, Katie Hannaford said: “It was really cold but they stuck at it and made it a lot of fun. Friends and neighbours came out to support them, with a few people pouring beans over their heads. Zac’s mum, granddad, Auntie and cousin were also here supporting them, which meant a lot.”

The siblings have already raised £600.

The Baked Bean Challenge' can be followed via their Facebook page

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