NO one is in favour of climate change. Even the large oil and gas companies and car manufacturers have made clear their support for mitigating the effects of industrialisation and governments and local councils are driving through measures to halt the damage already done.

All of which makes the protest by the two well-meaning but wrong-headed activists on Saturday all the sillier.

While we applaud their green credentials and righteous concern for the planet, sitting down in the street and stopping hard-working people going about their business is not the way to drive change.

Who did they think they were fighting? Oil executives driving to some shady industrial summit? Chemical plant bosses looking for a new site for a polluting factory?

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The only people affected by their foolish and dangerous actions were ordinary people – key workers on their way to work; families trying to snatch a little bit of enjoyment after the long, miserable lockdown; people going to hospitals; parents out buying food to feed their families.

And what have they achieved? One elderly woman sat in the middle of Beaumont Street carried a placard saying she was worried about her grandchildren’s future. Well, thanks for letting us know. After all, aren’t we all? But how is she helping? It is certainly not going to win anyone over to her muddled cause.

The only results of this silly tantrum were extra stress, frayed tempers, a build up of fumes from idling vehicles, wasted time, missed appointments, lost earnings, less trade for businesses and, ironically, massive delays to public transport.

It is likely that ambulances were also held up.

The obvious question to ask, is where were the police?

Well, we know where they were...they were stood next to them trying to stop them getting run over for a while. But why were they not quickly carried onto the pavement - or the back of their police cars? How much of a fight were they expecting these two earnest souls to put up?

Sure, protest has a place in society but not if it stops hundreds of hard-working people getting on with their busy lives.

The real loser is their important cause of fighting climate change - with many more people again alienated by this attention-seeking silliness.