A FAMILY is seeking help to get their autistic son diagnosed with a behavioural condition so that he can be treated properly.

Sophie Middleton believes her son Albert has ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), but says the wait to get the five-year-old diagnosed on the NHS is almost five years – leaving him without appropriate medication and care.

Mrs Middleton, from Witney, says Albert has no communication skills, and in February of last year, was diagnosed with regression autism.

Initially, Albert developed communication skills like other children, however that changed almost overnight.

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“When he was two, he was pointing, waving and clapping like all children but then he woke up one morning and couldn’t do any of that anymore,” said Mrs Middleton.

“He’s got regression autism which means he can continue to regress and we don’t know if he’ll wake up and it’ll happen again.

“He’s seen numerous paediatric consultants who said he was on the autism spectrum and has severe learning difficulties.

“If he wants to communicate with you, he’ll pull on your hand and guide where he wants to go or what he wants, but that’s only with people he’s very comfortable with.”

Albert Middleton with his dad. Picture submitted by family

Albert Middleton with his dad. Picture submitted by family

Albert’s behaviour continued to be challenging for his parents, who sought professional advice.

“We saw a private occupational therapist as his behaviour was quite bad, and lockdown has not helped that,” said Mrs Middleton.

“The occupational therapist said he might have ADHD as he was running round the room and flapping about.

“He doesn’t play but he’s constantly on the go – his brain doesn’t rest and he’s always fidgeting.”

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Due to the impact the coronavirus pandemic has had on health and other services, progress in getting an ADHD diagnosis for Albert has stalled, with the family quoted a four-year wait.

Now, the Middletons are hoping a fundraiser will allow them to get a private diagnosis much quicker.

“All the services are so far behind at the moment due to what Covid has done,” said Mrs Middleton.

“The wait for a diagnosis on the NHS is about four years so you’re talking about Albert being maybe 10, which isn’t fair on him, his siblings or us.

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“Friends and family said they would donate so the fundraiser is a case of asking for help.

“The diagnosis can enable him to get medication to help him calm down, and so we also know how to help him, and how the school can help him too.

“It will help him be a lot calmer around his siblings and make him less boisterous.”

Albert currently attends Springfield School in Witney, a school for children with special needs.

Mrs Middleton said: “He likes cooking at school, but doesn’t like getting messy – he has to have a routine and if it changes, he can’t cope with that.”

So far, just over £400 of a £1,000 target has been raised via GoFundMe.

To donate, please visit: gofundme.com/f/alberts-adhd-diagnosis