It was the end of the Second World War – and these children were determined not to miss a party.

They joined thousands of others throughout the country celebrating the defeat of the Germans following years of conflict.

This was one of many VE (Victory in Europe) street parties held in Oxford and elsewhere in May 1945 as peace returned after six years of conflict.

The picture comes from Peter James, of Witney Road, Eynsham, who remembers joining the jollifications as a seven-year-old in Wytham Street, off Abingdon Road, Oxford.

He writes: “I had a wonderful time without realising all the significance of the occasion.

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“We had a lovely tea party in the street with lots of goodies and in the evening, a bonfire where a German flag was draped over the fire and then burned.

“The flag was produced by a local hero, Stan Webb, who returned from abroad.

Villagers in Binsey celebrate the end of the Second World War

Villagers in Binsey celebrate the end of the Second World War

“He had fought in the desert and in Germany. Flags were put out to welcome him home.

Another fine character, Ernie Harris, provided music.

“It was an incredible time and a marvel how everybody coped with the war – air raid shelters, the blackout, gas masks, sirens, food rationing.

“As kids, we were made to feel safe and secure.

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“We will always be indebted to the generation that took us through those years and sacrificed so many lives.

The war with Japan was continuing – VJ Day was still to come. What an incredible period!”