A CYCLIST has said a new lane for cyclists on the A40 is ‘lethal’.

Ian Barry said that work on the A40 has resulted in a temporary ‘slippery gravel’ cycle lane with ‘unnecessary sharp bends’.

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He added: “To make matters much worse, the gate to access this bike lane from the north side of the A40 is closed at weekends and when there is no construction work going on.

“This means that cyclists approaching Oxford are forced into the main traffic stream, which is considerably narrowed anyway by the construction work, and therefore even more dangerous than usual.

“It shows total disregard for the safety of the considerable number of cyclists who use these paths to access Oxford.”

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A spokesperson for Oxfordshire County Council said: “Cyclists using the temporary diversion along the A40 in fact have full access through the area seven days a week and the council can confirm that the gate is not closed or locked at all.

“In addition, the council’s contractor is taking steps to compact the surface as far as possible to improve the temporary path for cyclists.

“Once completed, cyclists will be able enjoy a next generation cycle infrastructure along the A40.”