Organisers of the unique free family festival, BunkFest are hopeful that the annual event will be able to make a comeback in 2021.

However, organisers are also aware that there is a possibility the festival will need coronavirus restrictions in place.

Restrictions could include, limiting numbers, a vaccine passport, proof of a recent test or having a test before entering.

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Colin Dolton is the artistic director of BunkFest and a Wallingford councillor.

He has asked Wallingford Town Council if it would be possible to close the Kinecroft, where the festival is held each year, to make restricting numbers possible.

Although Mr Dolton hopes he will not be forced to close the Kinecroft he wants to be able to hold a 'safe' Bunkfest.

Councillors commented that it was 'tragic' the festival was unable to go ahead in 2020 and unanimously supported Mr Dolton in his plans to close the Kinecroft and surrounding footpaths.