LESS bin collections will be missed after a council decided to invest more than £100,000 on technology that will improve its waste services.

West Oxfordshire District Council (WODC) will invest up to £140,000 in an ‘in-cab’ system for its entire waste fleet.

The aim of the system is to cut down the number of collections being missed, and to reduce fuel usage.

It is estimated the council will save £50,000 per year from its contract with waste service delivery partner Ubico.

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A WODC spokesperson said: “We will be working with Ubico to implement the in-cab system across our waste collection fleet, which will go live later this year.

“The project is just one example of how we are working in partnership to ensure our waste services are fit for the future and how innovation can better the customer experience.

“Crews will be able to record problems as soon as they encounter them and this information will be relayed back in near real time to both Ubico and the council’s customer services team.

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“The waste sector is still recognised as a high risk industry and the in-cab system will make collecting safer too.

“Locations near to schools where extra precautions must be taken and potential hazards, such as blind corners or low bridges, can be easily added to the collection schedule information, making the working day safer for crews, pedestrians and road users alike.”

Using GPS technology, the new system will enable crews to follow a map of their collection routes, allowing drivers unfamiliar with the area to complete the round without unnecessary delays.