IN SCENES reminiscent of the Handforth Parish Council meeting which took the internet by storm earlier this year, a councillor was removed from a virtual meeting.

The Carterton Town Council meeting on Tuesday descended into chaos after its former mayor was removed while she was speaking.

Lynn Little said she was ‘chopped off after raising concerns about an application on the agenda’ therefore her vote was ‘not able to count’.

Earlier this year, a bitter row between Mrs Little and the council was resolved after accusations of her misappropriating public funds were dismissed.

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Meanwhile, the town’s current mayor, Nick Leverton, said that allegations of bullying made by Mrs Little were found to be unfounded and that case also dismissed.

On Tuesday, while discussing funding for a food bank, Mrs Little was locked out while giving her concerns about funding for a food bank.

At the beginning of the meeting, the council passed a resolution authorising the chairman to remove anyone who disrupted the meeting.

Town council clerk Ron Spurs said: “Looking at what was said at the meeting, councillor Little was not discussing the application on the agenda, but a food bank she works with.

“There was a brief heated discussion between her and the chairman, and councillor Little was removed.

“The chairman felt that her tone was disruptive and instructed a member of staff to remove her.”

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Earlier in the meeting, a member of the public says he was also turned off, however the council denies this.

Former West Oxfordshire district councillor Harry Watts said: “I was allowed to watch the meeting but when they got to the public participation bit, they turned me off.

“This wasn’t the first time either, they’re enjoying this.”

Mr Spurs said Mr Watts was not excluded and denied the accusation it is ‘enjoying’ removing people from meetings.

Mr Spurs said: “He was admitted to the meeting, and during the public participation element of the meeting he did not state he wished to speak.

“He was not excluded from the meeting.”

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During the town council meeting in February, Mr Watts was however removed with council minutes stating he ‘wished to speak on an item that was not on the agenda and was therefore removed’.

Mr Spurs said: “The council’s standing orders state that members of the public are permitted to make representations, answer questions and give evidence in respect of any item of business included in the agenda.

“As I recall, Mr Watts wished to discuss a matter which was not on the agenda and had nothing to do with the council.

“He was subsequently removed from that meeting.”