PUBS across Oxfordshire have been open again for almost two weeks.

On April 12, pubs with outdoor areas were able to reopen for groups of no more than six.

Because it has been just outside spaces open, it has raised the question of smoking at pubs.

We asked readers: Do you think smoking should be banned in beer gardens?

Here’s how they reacted:

Emma Hunter: When the smoking ban first came in, there were hundreds of pubs closing each day. And now due to Covid, it could be happening all over again.

Rowan Wright: No. Leave it to the pubs. There is very weak evidence for harm from second-hand smoke outside (so no need for concern re staff) and other than that, the market can decide (if we non-smokers want a smokeless garden, we can go to a pub with those rules).

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Harry Darrant: While you’re at it, ban walking along busy streets while puffing away at a cigarette or vaping. I don’t want your tobacco smoke or, even worse, sickly candy floss fumes in my face when I’m just trying to get from A to B in town.

Shaun Wells: Smoking ban did enough damage to the pubs. If they was to ban it outside as well the pubs might as well close now.

Leigh Butler: I’m a non-smoker but that’s just too much to ban smoking outdoors.

Danny Bourton: Yeah because that will help already struggling pubs. We lost enough after people had to smoke outside. Lockdown has lost us more. Banning smoking in pub gardens is putting the final nail in the coffin.

Veronica Green: Yes I don’t want to smell of cigarette smoke.

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Pam Keen: That killed pubs anyway. Outdoor smoking is outside. Let’s ban people coming to the pub and drinking water instead.

Kizzy Hobbs: I don’t smoke, but you can’t ask people not to smoke outside. It wasn’t that long ago people were smoking inside pubs. Most people are respectful and move away from non-smokers whilst they smoke.

Alan Hathaway: Everybody has the choice to smoke or not to smoke. If people do not like people smoking in pub gardens, quite simple they can go inside.

Chris Russell-Gray: Yes it should be banned. They should all have to stand outside of the premises, they should also put walls and a roof over the garden so that no passive smoke from passers by can diffuse into the area.

Marcos Relano: The best thing that ever happened was the banning of smoking. Not just in pubs but everywhere. Gone are the days of stinky smoke-filled pubs. I can now enjoy my pint and not smell like an ashtray when I get home. It also goes without saying far more healthy too.

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Sharon Harrold: Yeah it’s a public place, they should have one designated area away from everyone sat eating and drinking.

Jodie Patrick: I don’t smoke but this would be ridiculous. People like to have a drink and cig to relax. Next we will ban pubs altogether.

Shaun Grant: May as well ban drinking with it.

Jackie Simmons: No but if there are a lot of people eating outside, a smoking area would be good.

Bob Bailey: I’m an ex smoker and can remember people saying they’d be happy when smoking stopped in pubs but then didn’t use them anyway so they closed. Just split the outside area in two.

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Julie Shearman: I don’t like people walking past me smoking in the street and vaping. I don’t want it blown in my face but I think if you ban outside at pubs, a lot won’t go.

Harry Griffiths: If you want to put the final nail in the coffin for the pub trade then go for it.

Shelby Baldwin: Just have half for smoking half for not, I’m always respectful and move away when smoking, but if they ban it then I won’t use the pub.

Carol Gibbins: If you don’t like people smoking outside then don’t go to the pub.