A PROGRAMME of events for Windrush Day (June 22) has been announced.

Oxford Windrush Group confirmed that like previous years, events will take place in the weeks leading up to and following the day.

The announcement comes on the same day as Stephen Lawrence Day, a day that commemorates the life of Stephen Lawrence, a black teenager who was killed in a racist attack in 1993.

Events will begin on May 25, the anniversary of the murder of George Floyd.

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There will subsequently be a series of events, incorporating the arts and talks.

June 18-19: Arts at the Old Fire Station

Through a fusion of dance, music, song and spoken word, performances will explore a sense of hopelessness, deja vu, resilience and a renewed spirit of hope in the struggles for equality, justice and freedom.

June 19: Templars Square shopping centre

Experience taster workshops, performance demonstrations, and even a carnival with steel pan, African drums, and dancing.

June 22: Pitt Rivers Museum

On Windrush Day, there will be a talk followed by a Q&A session.

There will also be the opportunity to find out more about the Windrush compensation schemes.

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June 25-26: Gloucester Green Market

An arts project that explores people, place, and identity. It will collect people’s stories and thoughts around the theme of belonging.

July 4: Cowley Road Carnival

While not on the streets again this year due to the pandemic, a group of young people will attempt to recreate the taste, feel, colour and look of the 26 Caribbean islands.

More detail and confirmation of times of events will be released in the coming weeks.

Windrush Day is named after the Empire Windrush boat which brought migrants to the UK.

The boat itself was named after the River Windrush, which runs through Oxfordshire.