People from across Oxfordshire have been sending us pictures of their pets.

With some people working from home more during the lockdowns of the past 12 months pets have been getting plenty of care and attention.

Lots of our readers joined in when we asked them to send in 'pet selfies' - pictures with their pets.

Oxford Mail:

Here's a selection of some of the photos we received and included in our pet selfie photos supplement in the Oxford Mail earlier this week.

Oxford Mail:

Most people sent in pictures of cats and dogs although ducks also featured.

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Nearly half of dog owners have admitted they have overindulged their dogs since the start of the pandemic, according to a new study from premium raw pet food brand Natural Instinct.

Oxford Mail:

Increased time at home has led to giving dogs extra treats, with 44% of respondents revealing they have fed their dog more treats every week, and 14% have been spoiling their dog daily.

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French Bulldog owners are the most likely to feed extra treats (70%) the research shows, while owners of Springer Spaniels (52%) are the least likely to dish out tasty rewards.

Oxford Mail:

Of the 2,000 dog owners surveyed, nearly 1 in 5 (18%) said their dog had put on weight due to extra treats. Whilst 12% said their dog had put on weight as a result of going on less walks, which can be attributed to those who have been shielding or reducing time spent outdoors due to the pandemic.

Oxford Mail:

One in 5 (21%) also said they were unaware of the correct weight for the breed and size of their dog.

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The over 60’s were the least aware of the correct weight (28%), while the survey also found that Shih Tzu (29.1%) and Pug owners (26.8%) were least likely to know how much their dog should weigh.