VOTERS in West Oxfordshire are among those set to go to the polls this May.

As well as voting in the full county council elections, due to take place on May 6, West Oxfordshire residents will be asked to take part in elections for their district council, if they live in one of the following 17 wards.

The district council holds elections for one third of its councillors on a yearly basis, and would usually have a year off elections in the fourth year.

Last year, elections were due to take place for 17 seats on the council, but the coronavirus pandemic put paid to the polls.

Instead, the elections for a third of the council which were due to take place in 2020 will now take place this year.

Because the elections have been postponed, the councillors elected in 2021 to the district will only serve a three-year term, before having to stand for re-election in 2024.

There are a total of 49 councillors elected to West Oxfordshire District Council, who between them represent 27 different communities, divided up into ward areas.

Usually, the Conservatives make up the majority of the councillors making decisions in the area, but in recent years their large majority has waned.

There are currently 29 Tory councillors, nine Liberal Democrats, eight Labour councillors, two independent councillors, and one vacancy on the council.

A list of the wards where council seats are up for grabs follows, including the names of the prospective councillors currently canvassing for votes.

Bampton and Clanfield

Labour: Sarah Hayton; Conservative: Rupert Dent; Greens: Alma Tumilowicz

Chadlington and Churchill

Lab: David Heyes; Liberal Democrat: Nigel Ridpath; Cons: Dean Temple; Green: James Styring

Charlbury and Finstock

Lab: Sue Richards; Lib: Liz Leffman; Cons: Caspar Morris; Green: Liz Reason

Chipping Norton

Lab: Geoff Saul; Lib: Ivan Aguado Melet; Cons: Ruth Obaska; Green: Malcolm Brown

Eynsham and Cassington

Lab: Elsa Dawson; Lib: Andrew Goodwin; Cons: Sean Grace; Green: Ed Rolison

Freeland and Hanborough

Lab: Tommy Begley; Lib: Lidia Arciszewska; Cons: Alaa Al-Yousuf; Green: Angela Wilson; Burning Pink Party: Dave Baldwin

Hailey, Minster Lovell and Leafield

Lib: Paul Marsh; Cons: Colin Dingwall

Kingham, Rollright and Enstone

Lab: Andrew Hornung; Lib: Mike Baggaley; Cons: Alex Wilson; Green: Amy Long


Lab: Sian O’Neill; Lib: Sophie Kitching; Cons: Jeff Haine; Green: Tim Eden

North Leigh

Lab: Maureen Eades; Lib: Gillian Workman; Cons: Harry St John; Green: Julia Shay

Standlake, Aston and Stanton Harcourt

Lab: Mike Parker; Lib: Marcus Luckett; Cons: Lysette Nicholls

Stonesfield and Tackley

Lab: Nell Davies; Lib: Matthew Parkinson; Cons: Richard Jackson; Green: Frances Mortimer

Witney Central

Lab: Andrew Coles; Lib: Andy Bailey; Cons: Craig Brown; Green: Harriet Kopinska; Reform UK: Mark Bezerra Speeks

Witney East

Lab: Duncan Enright; Lib: Christopher Blount; Cons: Rich Hikins; Green: Sandra Simpson

Witney North

Lab: Ruth Smith; Cons: Toby Morris; Green: Andrew Prosser; Independent: Pete Handley

Witney South

Lab: Michael Brooker; Lib: Kate Southey; Cons: Mark Johnson; Green: Carol Cather; Indy: Adrian Henry-Wyatt

Witney West

Lab: Stuart McCarroll; Lib: Peter Whitten; Cons: Jane Doughty; Green: Penny Ponton

Woodstock and Bladon

Lab: Mark Lambert; Lib: Elizabeth Poskitt; Cons: Jo Lamb; Green: Barry Wheatley