The White Horse in Forest Hill, Oxford, has been transformed from an abysmal pub where karaoke and lager reigned supreme into a magical place you actually want to go and eat.

The menu is Thai, but not pub Thai or gastro Thai, just good, honest, fresh Thai food made by Thais. And instead of an identikit refit, the walls have been whitewashed, the curtains and seating replaced and an air of calm prevails where chip fat and parrot droppings had triumphed.

And the food is fabulous. Not only this, but the lunchtime £5 for two courses defies belief. If I lived nearby I'd eat there every day. And my friend, who does, went on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday last week, so there.

The barbecues are legendary, the locals totally besotted and the menu is simple but satisfying.

The freshness of the food was demonstrated when I asked if my favourite Tom Kha soup was on the lunch menu, the manager smiled and said: "No, but don't worry, we'll make it up for you instead."

And the creamy coconut soup he served was as delicious as ever.

The green curry that followed was served with rice in two little bowls and was also sensational. They don't do dessert but what they do do they do brilliantly.

The White Horse, Forest Hill. 01865 873927.