A POPULAR online petition attempting to stop the roll out of Low Traffic Neighbourhoods in the city has been found to have masses of fake signatures.

The petition, started by Conservative City Councillor candidate Daniel Stafford, was created to ‘end the traffic barriers in Littlemore and Cowley’.

Since it was published in March, it has attracted over 2,300 signatures.

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But one resident, who wishes to remain anonymous, has found evidence that some of the signatures may not be legitimate.

After going through data on the online petitions website 'ipetitions', the resident found fake names and inconsistencies in the IP addresses of signatories.

The data showed that when the petition had 1,748 signatures, a number of those signing were based out of the county, with at least 3 per cent of signatories signing from abroad.

These countries included Sweden, Pakistan, Romania, and Singapore.

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Data from the petition also revealed false names being used, including several 007’s and someone going by the name of the serial killer, Harold Shipman.

There was also evidence of repeat entries, with up to three signatures under one person’s name.

Oxfordshire County Council introduced the LTNs as part of a six-month trial last month in Church Cowley, Temple Cowley, Florence Park as well as areas of Littlemore.

Since then, communities have been divided over whether they are for or against the traffic control scheme.

Several petitions have surfaced, however, Mr Stafford’s petition has gained the largest amount of signatures.

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Some of those commenting on the petition stated they were not from the area of Oxford where the LTN trial has been introduced.

One signatory, Amanda Yates, said: “We are currently fighting LTNs in Ealing where they were imposed without consultation seven months ago.”

Petition creator Mr Stafford said he was ‘disappointed’ upon hearing about the fake signatures.

He added: “It is brilliant that the whole Littlemore community has engaged in both sides of the debate.

“I’m disappointed that some participants have used the online system in a way not intended.

“However, the actions of a minority of participants are not sufficient to write off the widespread concern in the local community, nor change the material facts that their concerns are based upon.

“The good news is that in just under a month there will be a public poll in which only local residents will have a voice, that is the City and County council elections, and I fully expect the results will be indicative of local attitudes towards the LTN.”

A spokesperson for Oxfordshire County Council said: “Residents should note that the scheme is temporary and cannot be made permanent under the rules of its experimental status.”

Residents can submit their opinions and suggestions on the LTNs on the council's website.