Last week, we brought you the news that bollards in Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs) are to become foldable.

It came after an ambulance struggled to access a property because of the fixed barriers, which were put in place at the beginning of March as part of a six month trial in Church Cowley, Temple Cowley and Florence Park.

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South Central Ambulance Service said that although the man died, the delay caused by the bollards 'played no part' in his death.

However, the fire service has asked Oxfordshire County Council to change all bollards to lockable ones to avoid any future issues.

Here's what you said about the move:

Dean Tritton: "So an ambulance driver has to get out and move the bollard, therefore taking even more time? What nonsense."

Sam Curran: "Still a time waster. They've got to stop, unlock and let's hope it isn't stiff or gets stuck as more time will be wasted. Utter rubbish. I wouldn't want to be a patient waiting for help. This isn't good enough, sadly."

Simon Hand: "Just put in the ones which retract as the emergency vehicle or bus approaches. Or how about cameras that give a £500 fine for going through them if not an emergency vehicle, bus or registered taxi?".

Strahil Fonchev: "This is such a waste of the council's money."

Sally Ridge: "It's an absolute no-brainer. Get rid of them! I wonder if those who thought up the idea have loved ones in the streets these are placed? And how they would feel if they needed an emergency service but had to wait while they dismantled them [bollards]. Those are wasted minutes of saving a life!".

Paul Collins: "Absolute waste of time and money. Our roads have turned into car parks, supposedly safer for cyclists but they still cycle on the footpaths. Cars dropping off schoolkids and then reversing up the roads... yeah, it has become much safer I don't think. Get rid of the council and the LTNs in one fell swoop and do us all a favour."

Des Brambley: "How was this not predicted prior to construction? Making somewhere safer by stopping emergency transport is quite the oversight."

Sarah Jones: "I've seen these for myself and it seems to me that the only people it will benefit are those on bikes. So can we get a reduction in our car tax if we can't drive on the roads?".

Rebecca Comley: "If it was for a person who was having a heart attack, asthma attack or a stroke, those extra minutes it takes to go a different way or remove a post could make a lot of difference. Just think, it could be you or a relative or friend that is dying but the emergency vehicles can't get there as quickly as they used to be able to."

Faye Hall: "Just get rid of them! I am now using more fuel and my journeys are longer due to the traffic. Oxford road is like a car park most of the time."

Hannah Talbott-Falce: "If the council want to do whatever they need in the city centre then that's understandable, but in the surrounding areas where Oxfordians live? It's shameful to put these stupid LTNs up and block people going about their daily lives, and in some cases, life and death emergencies."

Tess Roud: "How can you trial something for six months when there is not the usual traffic on the road? You're not getting accurate results. What happens when everyone goes back to work after lockdown? Gridlock!".

Keith Turner: "Don't get rid of them. I think they should have the same as what they have at the John Radcliffe, with a barrier in place."

Adam Ara: "Who is paying for all these changes? Things going west. Surely this says the LTN is not going to work."

Ryan Owen: "What makes me laugh is that the council does not own the roads, we the people do. They're supposed to ask us if we want these measures or not, but no - they will do what they want, just like parking fines and council tax. They just do what they want to do."

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