Oxford City Amnesty International group is taking part in an online Festival of Social Justice.

It will feature speakers, music, poetry evenings, photography exhibitions, theatre, panel discussions and the chance for local activists to ‘stand’ on a virtual soapbox and share what social justice means to them.

It runs between April 16 and May 31 and brings together 40 local Amnesty International groups plus many other community organisations.

As part of the wider festival, Oxford City Amnesty is organising two live online events and three events on its You Tube channel.

Oxford MPs Anneliese Dodds and Layla Moran will be discussing the human rights issues facing us today, on Friday April 30 at 2pm.

And a webinar entitled Global Trade: Addressing the Human Rights Implications will be broadcast on Monday May 17 at 7.30pm.

Dr Nada Awad of Palestinian policy network Al-Shabaka and the Cairo Institute of Human Rights Studies, Ms Nabila Khan, Amnesty’s Country Co-ordinator China and Taiwan, and Mr Peter Bentley of Oxfam, will be looking at issues such as enforced labour, companies operating in illegal Israeli settlements, women’s rights and sustainable fashion.