The Radcliffe Camera is a stunning piece of architecture, and one of the many jewels in Oxford’s crown.

Completed in the early 1700s, the building is home to a working library used by students at the University of Oxford. It is considered one of the earliest examples of a round library in England.

With tourists flocking from all over the world to see it, it’s not surprising that there are some interesting, joyful and downright strange reviews among the many written about the landmark on TripAdvisor and Google Reviews.

Many of them go to show you really can't please everyone.

Here are six of our favourites.

Too many tourists

One tourist expressed their concern that the iconic building had, well, too many tourists visiting it.

Rating the landmark three out of a possible five stars for its unforgiveable indiscretion, they wrote: “Lovely building and iconic to Oxford but it's crowded with lots of tourists. Better snap that photo and move somewhere else, although Oxford is generally quite crowded with tourists.”


An underwhelmed visitor from Singapore said the historic landmark was simply “ok”.

Continuing on, the reviewer wrote: “We didn’t get a chance to enter, nor did we walk in the building, but saw it from outside.”

Not great for tall people

A visitor with inside access offered up a comprehensive review of all of the facilities on offer, including desk height, atmosphere and bathroom aroma.

The review said: “Available seating: 2/5 (often quite busy). Location: 5/5. Noise: 3/5. Seclusion: 1/5. Natural lighting: 4/5. Bathrooms: 3/5 (stinky, but water fountain available). Outlets & Wifi: 5/5. Chairs: 2/5 (bad back support) - although the basement has good chairs. Desk height: 3/5 (fairly low, not great for tall people). Atmosphere: 4/5. Opening times: 4/5.”

Library voices

A disgruntled reviewer who had the chance to go inside the Radcliffe Camera gave the landmark just one star, and criticised the library staff.

“Noisy environment as staff do not speak in soft voices but shout to each other. Please use library voices!”.

Sad-cliffe Camera

Rating the landmark just one star, one reviewer wrote: “More like the sad cam”. They did not elaborate further.

Film fan

One visitor remarked on how the landmark married the world of film and TV with real life, and offered up a top tip to get a unique view of the building.

“You can't miss it and it is the most photographed building I guess in Oxford. You expect any minute to see Old Inspector Morse or Lewis, or the youngsters Hathaway or Endeavour walking around it, and if you are lucky on a filming day for Endeavour, there will be tale to tell as the locals were doing.

"TIP: Pop into St, Mary's opposite climb the tower for a fiver for the classic birds eye view.”

When was the last time you paid a visit to the Radcliffe Camera? What did you think of it? Tell us in the comments.

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