A caring 10-year-old girl has been busy getting creative and knitting Easter chicks to raise money for the homeless.

Last summer, Bea Harper from Harwell near Didcot ran an entire marathon over the course of two weeks for the charity Homeless Oxfordshire and raised a whopping £2,155.

Now, Bea has decided to keep up the fundraising, but this time in the shape of knitted Easter chicks with each holding a “surprise” chocolate egg.

Oxford Mail:

So far, she has raised £300 by selling the crafty knitted chicks to her friends and family.

Bea learnt how to knit using demonstration videos on YouTube.

One online knitting lesson taught her how to make an Easter chick and once she perfected the art she did not stop knitting.

Oxford Mail:

Her grandparents loved the idea and offered to buy some of her knitted chicks to give to people and so she started fundraising again.

The creative 10-year-old knits every evening before going to bed and has now knitted about 50 Easter chicks since she started in February.

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Bea’s mum, Sarah Harper said she has always shown concern for homeless people since she was a young girl.

Ms harper said: “She has always from being tiny, shown a great concern for homeless people and knew that things would be particularly tough for them at this time.

“We used to go shopping in Newbury and there were quite a few homeless people.

“She always used to ask a lot of questions like why are they homeless, why can’t we help them and what can we do.”

Bea is now home schooled, but her previous school sparked her idea of fundraising for the homeless.

Ms Harper said: “When she went to school at age five, they encouraged her to do something kind for lent.

“She saved up her pocket money doing a few jobs around the house and she took it and gave it to this homeless man that she had seen.”

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Bea and her mum decided to donate the money to Homeless Oxfordshire after being impressed with their work.

The charity is the largest supported accommodation provider for homeless people in the county and gives about 200 people a place to stay each night.

The Oxfordshire charity also provides support for homeless people and helps them rebuild their lives.

After running a marathon and knitting 50 chicks, the next fundraising idea for Bea is to start baking.

Oxford Mail:

She has started to bake Easter pavlovas which has already made £200, and she hopes to raise more.

Although Bea had a JustGiving page for her marathon fundraiser her Easter chicks were sold by word of mouth.

However, Bea and her mum are looking to launch another JustGiving page for the next fundraising scheme.