A BUDDING comedian has released his own EP – a parody of what it’s like to be a teenager.

Jamie Radcliffe, a Year 11 pupil at The Cherwell School in Oxford, has written and recorded four songs for his EP, titled Protagonist.

It was released on Spotify on Friday, and is free to download.

Lancashire-born Jamie said he was working on video sketches for his YouTube channel when the idea for comedy songs popped into his head.

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“I’ve always liked doing acting, and more specifically, comedy,” he said.

“About a year and a half ago, I started making comedy videos and putting them on YouTube.

“I had the idea for a couple of songs, including Main Character.

“I then made the second song after Main Character was getting a lot of views.

“The EP is called Protagonist because Main Character didn’t sound cool enough, so I Googled some synonyms.

“You even get the track twice as there is a special version at the end.”

With the two versions of Main Character, Protagonist has five tracks in total.

Jamie Radcliffe has released his own EP

Jamie describes the song as being about someone with a big ego.

Using his comical instincts, Jamie comes up with witty lyrics such as: ‘My videos are so funny and impressive; when the girls fight over me, it gets kind of aggressive’.

“Main Character is about someone with a very large ego, and all the songs are about different characters,” Jamie said.

“The songs take an element of teenage life, whether that is girls or egos, and puts a spin on it.”

The teenager, who moved to Oxford two and a half years ago, has his eyes set on performing comedy as lockdown restrictions ease in the coming weeks and months.

“As soon as Covid has passed, one of the first things that I want to do is go to an open mic night and perform,” he said.

Jamie Radcliffe has released his own EP

Jamie Radcliffe has released his own EP

“Acting and entertaining have always been something I’ve enjoyed.

“I will be working on my A-levels for the next two years, but I wanted to explore different areas with my comedy, hence the songs.”

Entertaining others is something Jamie relishes, so it is no surprise he styles his work off comedian Bill Bailey.

Famous for his stand-up routines and countless appearances on comedy panel shows, Mr Bailey triumphed in last year’s Strictly Come Dancing.

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That victory gets a special mention in Main Character when Jamie says: ‘Please ignore how badly I’m playing my ukelele, I’m probably a better dancer than Mr Bill Bailey’.

Jamie added: “Bill Bailey is a big inspiration and one of my idols.

“A lot of his stand-up includes comedy music, and I like how he combines the two.”

In addition to the new EP, Jamie has also appeared in a number of CBBC shows including Class Dismissed, 4 O’Clock Club and So Awkward.

Protagonist is available to download on Spotify and YouTube, via Jamie’s account: JamiieRadcliffe.

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