A LUCKY pensioner from Oxfordshire is celebrating the ultimate birthday present – a £300,000 lottery win.

Reginald Couch, who lives in Grove near Wantage, was expecting to celebrate his 74th birthday much like many others – with his wife of 46 years, Iris, by his side, a nice slice of cake and some cards from loved ones.

Instead, he received something a little more life-changing – the top prize win on a Lucky Numbers Scratchcard from The National Lottery.

Mr Couch commented: "At 74, I have celebrated a few birthdays, but this has definitely been the best present and it is going to help a lot of people."

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The Couch's lottery-winning adventure began earlier in the week when they headed to their local Tesco Express on Milbrook Square in Grove.

Remembering the hours in the run up to their big win, Mr Couch said: "It was Monday morning and, as we pulled up at the shop, I joked to Iris that it was Pension day, and we could watch the money come in with one hand and out the other almost immediately.

"We both had a little chuckle before popping to Parsons Bakery to pick up some donuts and then into the supermarket for the papers and three National Lottery Scratchcards.

"We live a relatively quiet life and do not drink or smoke, so we think of our Scratchcards as our treat, a bit like the Parson's donuts."

With their goodies in-hand the pair headed home and while enjoying their morning coffee Ms Couch played the Lucky Numbers Scratchcard.

Mr Couch explained what happened next: "Once she had played the Scratchcard Iris turned to me and said, 'come and check these numbers' but kept her thumb over the prize amount.

"Well, I looked and agreed that she had all five numbers of the game and then she removed her thumb to reveal a £3, then a nought, another nought and a ‘K’ at the end.

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"''That is £300,000’ I shouted, and then I think we were in shock because we both just sat watching the television for another 30 minutes in silence."

After their half-hour hiatus, the couple agreed they would better pop back to Tesco, where the cashier was delighted to double-check the Scratchcard on The National Lottery terminal and hand a slip to the lucky pair which confirmed they better call Camelot.

With the call to Camelot made, and their children informed of their parents' amazing turn of luck, Mr and Ms Couch are now thinking about what to do with their winnings.

The winner said: "Iris and I met in The North Star in Steventon 53 years ago and have been together ever since, through thick and thin.

"We have never travelled abroad – Iris only went on a train for the first time two years ago.

"So we will not be looking for exotic holidays, instead we are just so happy with the security this money will give us, and our family.

"Family comes first, so we will help out our children, and I am sure there will be treats for the grandchildren, the youngest of whom is eight weeks old."