VILLAGERS are finally getting reconnected to the Internet and phone service after three weeks without it after a telegraph pole fell down due to a lorry crash.

Openreach's engineers are replacing the pole in Rousham, near Heyford today.

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Openreach said it appreciated the disruption caused, but homes could not be reconnected until the pole was replaced.

An Openreach spokesperson said:  “We’re really sorry that a number of properties in Rousham are still out of service because of the damage caused to our telegraph pole by the recent lorry collision. 

"We need to replace the pole and are pleased advise that we’ve just received approval to do this under an emergency road closure which will enable our engineers to complete the work safely on this busy 60 mph road. 

"We appreciate the disruption the outage must have caused but unfortunately there was no way of temporarily reconnecting the properties affected until the pole could be replaced."

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