THE CITY has been divided since a new traffic calming scheme was introduced by the Council earlier this month.

Oxfordshire County Council introduced Low Traffic Neighbourhood {LTN} schemes to Church Cowley, Temple Cowley, and Florence Park earlier as part of a six-month trial.

Since its implementation locals have been divided over whether the LTN will have a positive or negative impact upon the area.

Here we look back at everything that has happened with the Cowley LTNs in the last few weeks:

Some frustrated residents reacted angrily to the new bollards:

Within the first week of the trial being implemented, angry motorists were seen driving on the pavements to avoid planters that had been installed to stop through-traffic.

Other residents pointed out their concerns for how the emergency services would be able to attend households if the planters were in the way. 

The council said that all consultees, including emergency services, were informed of the plans for the LTN in the Cowley area.

Locals come out in support of the scheme:

Many residents come forward in support of the scheme, sharing their own positive experiences since the LTN was implemented.

These included safer streets for children, less traffic pollution and less noise.

Bollards and cameras were installed to prevent people from driving on the pavements: 

After videos surfaced of people driving on the pavement to avoid the planters, bollards and cameras were installed by the council to prevent vehicles from circumventing the traffic blocks.

Hundreds of locals show up for virtual debate on the Cowley LTNs:

Later that week over 100 residents turned up to an online discussion held by Cowley's Labour Team to ask any questions about the new LTNs and talk about their views on the matter.

During the meeting, a number of residents expressed anger and concern for the scheme being implemented in Church Cowley. 

A number of residents said they had not been properly consulted before the trial began, however, the council said out of the 1,000 people who responded to their survey last December, the majority seemed to support the scheme.

Fears LTNs prevented paramedics from meeting a dying man sooner:

Last week, fears were published on social media websites, that the ambulance service could have reached a dying man quicker if the LTN was not in place.

One resident claimed in a letter addressed to councillors and Oxford East's MP Anneliese Dodds, that ‘valuable time’ was ‘wasted’ after an ambulance that was called out to help an elderly gentleman who was struggling to breathe had to turn around from Crowell Road as there were wooden planters blocking the road.

On the app for neighbours, Next Door, Councillor David Henwood, shared the letter of the concerned resident who asked 'would the outcome for the gentleman have been different if these ill-thought LTNs were not sanctioned?'

The post has since been deleted by the Councillor, however, screenshots of the post have now been shared on Facebook over 100 times.

Ambulance service confirms LTN 'played no part' in man's death:

South Central Ambulance Service stated that the new LTN system did not affect the patient's outcome

Mark Ainsworth, Director of Operations at South Central Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust, said: "On route to the address, the ambulance crew initially followed a route that was impassable due to the recently introduced Low Traffic Neighbourhood Scheme in the area.

"In this instance, the delay did not affect the outcome for the patient."

The Trust is now conducting an investigation into whether the reason the ambulance crew followed the particular route was down to an error in the Trust's mapping software or human error.

Over a thousand sign petition to cancel the LTNs in Cowley and Littlemore:

A petition to end the LTN barriers in Cowley and Littlemore gains over 1,880 signatures.

On the website it reads: "Traffic barriers in Littlemore and Cowley for the so-called 'Low Traffic Areas' are trapping local residents and worsening local traffic.

"They are unjust, and we call upon Oxfordshire County Council and Oxford City Council to end the trial scheme immediately."

Councillor resigns from forum amid LTN row: 

City Councillor Mary Clarkson announced she wanted to be removed from the Headington and Marston Community Forum with ‘immediate effect’ after she claimed that the death of a Cowley resident was being ‘used to make a case against the LTNs’.