People have been spending more time with pets during lockdowns, and now we are asking them to send in their pictures.

National Puppy Day tomorrow would be a good day to send in a picture of your cat, dog or other animals.

We want you to show us how much you love them by sending in a ‘pet selfie’ - a picture of you with your pet.

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We will then collect your photos so we can run them in a special supplement in the Oxford Mail next month.

We will be welcoming pictures of all pets, from cats and dogs, to rabbits and gerbils.

Barbara Naylor, from Risinghurst, has already sent us a picture of her dog.

She told the Oxford Mail how her pet has been a comfort to her during the coronavirus pandemic.

She said: “Kipper is nearly four years old, my beautiful Jack Russell/Chihuahua, and has given me a reason to get up during this awful lockdown.

“He is my greatest friend.”

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Editor Pete Gavan said: “Please get involved and send us in a picture of you with your beloved pet.

“Whether it’s a dog, cat or a budgie, we want to see them!”

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