RESIDENT Daniel Pooley, from Temple Cowley, explains why he supports the Low Traffic Neighbourhood scheme.

Traffic has become normal - everyone and everything adjusts to accommodate more cars.

Walkers don’t feel safe, so jump in their car for short journeys; cyclists stop cycling around for fear of accidents; children are driven to their local schools.

The vicious circle continues until every road is at capacity. Those without the use of a car, be it through choice or personal circumstance get unintentionally sidelined or are forced to get one.

An LTN reverses this trend, forcing us to reconsider how we use our cars.

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Standing back and recognising that even a few slow, safe drivers taking a short-cut significantly changes the nature and feel of the road.

Working as a community and taking action gives everyone a fair chance to get out and about.

This week I have heard from vulnerable Cowley residents crossing the road in front of their homes and feeling safe for the first time in decades; families going on bike rides around all the LTNs, finding play parks, shops, and new friends.

Things they always had on their doorstep but could never get to. Every time a resident decides not to use their car it benefits everyone.

Less pollution is generated and there is more space on the highway for those who do need to drive. There is even one more parking spot at the local shops.

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These are just the early benefits. Given time community spaces will appear - maybe an extra bench or two, maybe kids can kick a ball around.

What value can we place on a care home resident being taken out and about safely, hearing birdsong again?

This is what an LTN can be - these are the real benefits to be weighed against the inconvenience of slightly less-direct car routes.

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At the end of the trial, Cowley residents will have their say at the consultation.

Are the traffic filters worth it? Residents that depend on their vehicles have the hardest choice.

Major-road residents will be able to see the new traffic patterns and come to a decision.

Hopefully, on balance, the answer will be a resounding yes to LTNs.

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