A COUNCIL has welcomed its latest addition – Zoe the electric car.

The Renault Zoe R135 Iconic becomes West Oxfordshire District Council’s (WODC) first all-electric vehicle.

The car will be used by Ubico, WODC’s environmental services contractor.

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Ian Bourton, head of fleet operations at Ubico, said: “For the type of mileage the Zoe will be doing, electric vehicles are now considered the best environmental option.

“They have zero exhaust emissions, so contribute to better air quality, and analysis of the full life cycle consistently shows that battery electric vehicles, such as the new Zoe, emit less carbon dioxide over their lifetime than diesel and petrol cars.”

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David Harvey, cabinet member for climate change at WODC, added: “Investing in this vehicle is an important step in the right direct and is just one example of how we are working collaboratively with our partners to bring about change.

“The greater, more difficult challenge will be the transition to a wholly ‘green’ waste and recycling fleet over the next few years, which will offer the reliability and range of more conventional vehicles.

“Forty five percent of the council’s own emissions are the result of vehicles used on the waste, street cleansing and grounds maintenance contracts so it is crucial that we aim high, remain ambitious and explore all the options for the most sustainable outcome for the district.”

An electric road sweeper is set to join Zoe in the summer.